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Product Sourcing Solutions

Product Sourcing Solutions is a B2B e-commerce Marketplace for wholesalers and retailers to connect directly, reducing costs for the wholesalers  and increasing productivity of the retailers product-sourcing process.

Project Outline


1. Create a custom wholesale commerce platform with CRM and invoicing functionality


2. Logo Design

The Logo

Labyrinth Media set out to understand how PSS planned to integrate themselves into a market that is historically run relatively rigid and wanted to to make a memorable, lasting impression on the industry.


We took the essence of what their business offers:

Efficiency, innovation and integration


The energy of the PSS team gave us inspiration for the curves of the logo which lead us straight to the thought of an F1 Race. The banked and flowing turns are illustrated in the logo below:

There’s More!


The automation offered by PSS inspired us to look deeper into the industry and processes within warehousing and distribution. This was contributed to the lines of the P and the S with the forks of the forklift


The System

Optimizing Processes and Improving The Bottom Line.

The current pain point for wholesalers trying to offer a new product to retailers is they are required to travel to the stores, send emails back and forth and it proved to increase their Client Acquisition Cost.


Using a more direct, easy to use system allowed us to save Wholesalers on average R45 000 per month.


This innovative brand was extremely exciting to work with and we expect a long and leading partnership in the future 

Labyrinth Media was asked to create the platform, CRM functionality and Invoicing link to their retailers accounting systems.  


We began by creating a SCRUM framework for the project and outlined sprints over 16 weeks, this ensured clear communication and a smooth delivery to the PSS Team.


Labyrinth Media delivered the project ahead of schedule and has had a 100% uptime since inception

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