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Challenges Your Business Faces In Its Marketing Department

While we can’t solve some of the on-going challenges in your industry, such as a skills shortage, ever-changing technological advancements and prolonged delivery times, we are here for all of your marketing related challenges. We are certain that your business will be able to relate to at least one of the challenges below. 

1. Training Marketing Talent

While you might expect the top challenge of your business to be achieving your many KPI’s or satisfying your managers expectations. Research has shown that the top challenge that businesses are facing is team training, specifically in the marketing department. This training is a timely and taxing task. One where the manager or marketing leader must assist the ‘newbie’ in understanding the clients’ objectives, their target audience, their tech stack and the processes flows of your business. 

By partnering with Labyrinth Media, this training is condensed into just a few highly intensive strategy sessions. Giving us the opportunity to understand your business and accelerate the campaign progress and kickstarting our journey to becoming a key employee of your company. 

This partnership encourages: 

  • The opportunity to present strategies, learnings and experiments at regular intervals, for example on a monthly basis. 
  • The continuous sharing of information using a highly structured communication strategy. 
  • Time-saving opportunities, let the professionals get the job done in a timely manner, using best practices and skilled employees.

2. Generating Traffic & Leads

This task is always top of mind for any marketer, and certainly for the employees at Labyrinth Media. No matter your success ratio, there is always room for improvement. With ever-green content flourishing on the internet and social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, traffic is not the challenge of today. The challenge comes in with the changes approaching the digital marketing framework – specifically in terms of privacy, identity, cookies and data clarity. 

This change means that businesses will have to rethink their strategies. It is crucial that we monitor and understand industry-wide privacy protocols, updates to search, social and display. We lean into the power of networking, best practices, peer support and the complete understanding of your target audience, through means outside of first-party and third-party cookies. 

By partnering with Labyrinth Media, there is certainty as to which platforms to utilize and how to reach your target audience, ensure that leads are coming from high value prospects with the intent to purchase. 

This partnership encourages:

  • The creation of content that produces more than enough traffic and leads, using hgh-quality content that your target audience desires. 
  • Content created using analytics and research – does your target audience prefer still images, infographics, video content or articles? 
  • Brand awareness, using the most appropriate social media networks and platforms. 

3.  Return On Investment (ROI)

ROI is a major factor for the top decision-makers in any business, giving them an indications of whether or not to invest more into a project, department or idea. For businesses this task may never be quantifiable, while sales can be seen as a rand value, brand awareness and exposure may take years to reflect in the businesses return. How can we assist in overcoming this challenge? 

This partnership encourages:

  • The facilitation of two-way communication between our strategists and your sales reports. 
  • The use of analytics measurements tools, giving a clear indication of who your target audience is and how to reach them using the most cost-effective marketing strategies. 
  • The use of real-time data, allowing for strategies and campaigns to be adjusted – catering to this data and its suggestions. 
  • The understanding that ROI is not simply ‘cash in the bank’ it’s also engaging with prospects, generating clicks, downloads and page visits. 

4. Community Building

Community building is the practice of creating or enhancing a community among individuals. This community can be found within a regional area, they have a common need or interest. Community management is predicted to become one of the biggest areas of brand growth and investment. However, this task is easier said than done. 

Members of a community are empowered by others noticing them, giving them attention, responding positively to something that they said, acknowledging their challenges and celebrating their successes. This validation encourages the sharing of information, including their brand preferences and purchase decision. 

By partnering with Labyrinth Media, this timely task is run by our social media and community managers, with years of experience in the industry. 

This partnership encourages: 

Community building in the form of a social media presence: 

  • Facebook groups – These groups allow for questions about a brand to be answered, they create a conversation and connect the stakeholders of this brand – sharing product reviews, uploading images of their product or service and allowing for a brand story to be told.
  • WhatsApp groups – Similar to Facebook groups, these allow for the exchange of information at the click of a button. WhatsApp groups allow for an ongoing conversation to occur between multiple people. 
  • Social media – These communities allow its members to relate by common experiences and interests. Liking, commenting, sharing and following are all actions that allow for community growth. This community can grow organically or using paid campaigns. 
  • Content creation from varying views and perspectives:
  • Consumers – Reviews, testimonials, suggestions and criticism submitted by customers are more credible than a brand talking about their own products and services. 
  • Employees – Content created by employees is re-shared 24 more times than content created by a brand and can also generate 8 times the engagement. This sharing of information created the community. 
  • Micro and nano-influencers – Identify your loyal customers, employees and fans and start a conversation with them. Re-share their posts (specific to your brand), interview them, host a Q&A session and ask them to share your brand story however they can. 

Labyrinth Media is not just good at marketing, we live and breathe it. We would like to relieve that marketing burden from business owners to give them back the time and energy to focus on customer service, satisfaction and retention. If you or your business is considering using a marketing agency and have a few questions reach out to us any time at or for the boss’s direct email- 

We can’t wait to hear from you !


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