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Setting up an Instagram Business Account

Whether you provide a product or a service, to small businesses or large corporations, you need an Instagram Business Account. With 500 million daily active users, Instagram is a social media network you do not want to ignore.


This may be the reason why more than 200 million businesses use Instagram’s free services. These free services include the setting up of a page, posting organic content (not paid for), sharing your company story using the ‘biography’ section and much more. All of which lead to potential customers discovering your business, understanding what you have to offer and turning that interest into a sale.

Creating an Instagram Business Account is a fairly simple process. As a business owner you most likely already have all of the assets required to get started. Let’s venture into the world of Instagram for Business.


What is an Instagram Business Account?


Instagram is an online social media platform, offering its users the ability to edit and upload images and videos. Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012 allowing for the platforms to be connect to each other. The benefits of such a connection include that your business can post stories and permanent posts simultaneously to both accounts. By using Business Suite you can compare the insights from both platforms to understand your target audience. By connecting these accounts your business will be saving time while gathering vital information on your target audience.


An Instagram account is often created and run by public figures, businesses, brands and organizations. This account is originally created as a personal account and is then converted into a business account, following a set of steps. These pages give a business the opportunity to share their contact information, post updates, share their business hours, promote events, and connect with their Instagram audiences. These pages can be connected to an Ad Account and Instagram shop, offering unlimited potential for promoting your products, services, seasonal sales and discounts.


How to create an Instagram Business Account?


1. Search for ‘Instagram’ on your browser and select the ‘Sign Up’ option. You can choose to Log in with Facebook or create an account from scratch by entering your email or phone number, create a username and password, fill out your profile information and select ‘Next’.


Or download the Instagram App from the App Store or Google Play Store. Click ‘Sign up with email or phone number’ or ‘create new account’ and enter your email address or phone number. You will receive a confirmation code, ensuring that you have used the correct phone number or email address. You can also choose to Log in with Facebook.

2. To convert your account from a personal account to a business account, start by selecting the three lines at the top of your account and go to settings.


3. Click on account, then ‘Switch Account Type’ and ‘Switch to Business Account’



What are the benefits of Instagram for business?


  • Instagram is a low-cost marketing strategy perfect for small to medium businesses with a limited marketing budget. Marketing strategies focusing on traditional means of communication, such as television and billboards, can be extremely costly and time-consuming to set up. 
  • As a business you can share details about what you do, why you do it and why your product or service is the best in the market. This information sharing is likely to attract Instagram users, creating an interest in your business offering, with the potential of a sale. 

  • This account will assist with providing customer support. Customers can ask questions before and after making a purchase. This can be more efficient than answering phone calls and allows for other customers to view the question and answer. Possibly answering a question which they did not know they had. 
  • Instagram allows for an increase in brand awareness and positive word-of-mouth. The first step to brand awareness is to promote the click of the ‘Follow Button’. This step will share your content on their Instagram feed. These customers are likely to share a positive message about your brand because they have already expressed an interest in your offering.
  • Instagram allows the business to connect with their existing and potential customers. Consumers visit Instagram to build meaningful relationships with brands that inspire them. Invite your account visitors to get in touch with you, using direct messaging or comments on your permanent posts.
  • Instagram gives businesses the opportunity to engage with their customers. Using interactive stickers on stories and clickable / shoppable links, customers can easily navigate the call-to-action presented to them. They can be taken straight to a company’s website, click on products which they would like to know more about and have fun interacting with the business.
  • Get real-time insights. Instagram allows your business to track your performance, giving you an understanding of what works well with your audience. When your audience is active, which content they engage with most and when your followers increased or decreased.
  • Your company can use these insights for targeted advertising, creating ads and content which are aimed at a specific type of person, looking for a specific product at a given time. There are three types of audiences which your company can focus on.
    • Core audiences, these users are chosen by gender, location, age, interests, education and other demographic characteristics.
    • Custom audiences, these users already have a connection with your brand. Whether that be on your website, email, social media, or a physical connection.
    • Lookalike audiences, these users look like your existing customers or customers similar to those of your competitors.
  • Instagram allows businesses to share their products or services using pictures and videos. The world of social media is more divers than a simple image of a product. These platforms allow for the sharing of video tutorials, reviews from customers and in-depth information relating to the benefits and features of the business offering.
  • This account will assist with increasing traffic to your website. Visitors of your Instagram account can easily be exposed to your website using your website link (found in your biography or as a clickable link in stories). The customer is exposed to a stronger brand message and the option of placing an order for your product or service.
  • Instagram sets itself apart from other social media platforms through the creation of brand ambassadors. Convincing satisfied customers and influencers with a large following to speak on your behalf is a power move for any business on Instagram. Consumers trust online reviews written by influencers almost as much as they trust their personal contacts.
  • Instagram TV allows businesses to share long-form videos. This feature permits the upload of videos up to 60 minutes in length. Giving businesses the opportunity to effectively educate and entertain audiences, boost visibility and generate opportunities for engagement and conversation.

Additional steps in setting up your Instagram Business account


  • Before you write your first post be sure that all the relevant business information is available for your target audience. Include an attention-grabbing biography (maximum of 150 characters), giving a brief explanation of who you are as a brand and how your offering differentiates from the competition in the market. Include a link to your website or blog using the Linkin.Bio option.
    • Start by going to your account.
    • Click on the ‘Edit Profile’ tab.
    • Add your website URL and bio.
  • Link your Instagram account to your Facebook Business account.
    • Go to setting and select account.
    • In the accounts menu select ‘Accounts Center’ (underneath the new Meta logo).
    • Tap ‘Set up Accounts Center’. Instagram will automatically bring up the Facebook account which it has recognized as being linked to the company that created the Instagram account, select continue. Your accounts are now linked.


Tips for setting up an Instagram Business account in 2022


  1. Set a recognizable name and profile picture (company logo or recognizable face).
  2. Post relevant photos and videos to your timeline (not more than 4 permanent posts a week).
  3. Conduct research to determine the ideal time and frequency of posts, based on your target audience ‘Most Active Times’ and preferences of the platform.
  4. Monitor and respond to comments on your page (complete this action daily)
  5. Promote your page to generate follows and sales. Start by setting up your Ads account. Facebook and Instagram ads are interconnected. This ad account will let you create an ad from scratch, deciding how long you would like the advertisement to run for, the budget, description and target audience. 
  6. Track and report on the metrics. There are a range of platforms on offer for tracking the performance of your Instagram page. Choose between using the insights page of your Instagram account, or websites such as Madgicx and Salesforce. This decision is based on your preferences and which metrics are most important to you. 
  7. Download Business Suite to schedule permanent posts and story posts. This platform also gives access to the metrics of your social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram). 
  8. Set up your Instagram shop and add links to your products 
  9. Grow your following with reels. Follow the trends and create content that your target audience will be attracted to. From behind-the-scenes content to tutorials on how to use your product or service, reels are extremely important and highly shareable.
  10. Go live on Instagram. Share your story or views by going live. Connect with your fans on a deeper level and allow them to ask questions and give comments in real-time.
  11. Use stories to showcase the everyday world of your business. Allow your audience to have a day-to-day update on your company. Where you are at that moment, what you are doing and how you are achieving your business goals. An Instagram story is a photo or video up to 15 seconds long, that disappears after 24 hours.
  12. Spend more of your time and effort creating videos as opposed to still imagery, video is the way of future digital marketing. Video is easy to digest, entertaining and engaging.
  13. Utilize influencer marketing. Ensure that any influencers or brand ambassadors represent what your brand stands for. Allow for their reach to benefit your company and make use of their knowledge of the platform.
  14. With the attention span of everyday consumers getting shorter and shorter, be sure that your content is attention grabbing and shares its message within a few seconds of landing on it.
  15. Create content which tells a story and is emotionally engaging. Audiences want to feel a connection with your brand.
  16. Take advantage of IGTV, by posting long-form videos with the intent of educating and entertaining Instagram visitors.
  17. Link your Instagram account to your Facebook Business account.

As a user of Instagram you are able to access multiple Instagram accounts, given that you have the correct username and password. After setting up your Instagram Business account the next step is to set up your Ads Manager account, more on this in our upcoming blogs.

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