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To Boost.. Or Not To Boost?

Have you ever been curious about that little blue button on the right-hand side of your Instagram or Facebook posts? This button is what we like to call ‘the fast pass to social media’.  

Note: Recommended for businesses with a small marketing budget, that do not have the time nor the budget to consult with marketing experts on Meta advert creation. 

At Labyrinth Media we recommend the user of tailor made ads, with a chosen budget and target audience with graphics and copy that are easily adjusted based on the campaign success. 

What Is A Boosted Post?

It is a form of advertising that differs from traditional advertising efforts. These posts are as simple as 5 steps on Instagram and 6 steps on Facebook. This process is significantly less intense than advertising on Meta, meaning that there is less range in customization. Almost anyone can do it, with steps including deciding who you want to reach, how much you want to spend and how long the boosted post must run for. To put it simply, one of your existing posts is amplified so that it can be placed in front of your consumer, when they are online. 

What Are The Disadvantages of Boosting A Post?

  • Although a boosted post has a greater reach than organic posts, unless you are lucky the majority of these extra viewers aren’t likely to engage with your content. 
  • By boosting a post you are not leveraging the full potential of Metas advertising system – including a comprehensive range of targeting tools, extra features and higher contention for space. 
  • Boosted posts do not fully utilize the ads budget, whereas ads on Business Manager allow for ad auctions. Prioritizing your budget and placing you just on top of the next bid. 
  • Boosted posts are less successful if used for a longer period of time. The success of boosted posts dramatically decreases if run for more than 7 days. 
  • When boosting a post you must first consider the performance of your current organic content. Do you have a post that stands out from the rest in terms of engagement?

What Are The Benefits Of Boosting A Post?

  • Easier and quicker to create then Meta ads. There is no need for business managers, the creation of lookalike audiences or intense strategy. Boosted posts allow for a stress-free approach at increasing target audience reach. 
  • Boosted posts allow you to break through the flooded market of photos, videos, articles and content, released by your competitors at an organic level. 
  • Increase reach in a cost-effective way. Organic reach no longer has the success rates that it did when powerhouse applications such as Instagram and Facebook first came about. Reach your ideal buyer and save money by not advertising to those without the intent to buy.
  • Reach your target audience. Facebook allows you to identify your target audiences age, gender, location and more. This target audience is likely to have an interest in your brand, expressed through an increase in likes, shares and comments. 
  • Increase your brand awareness. Share your brand story and get your brand recognized. Your target audience may have seen your organic post and this boosted post has just reiterated your brand in their mind. 
  • Facebook guides you through the boosting process without the assistance of professionals. Facebook will notify you when it is time to boost a post, this notification tells you that boosting this specific post will increase your reach and engagement.
  • Receive vital insights. By understanding and analysing the metrics, you will receive vital information on the traffic, engagement and demographic reached through your boosted post. These metrics show you which posts are most successful and which ones need improvement – giving you a clear indication of how to move forward with strategy creation.

How To Boost A Post On Instagram

  1. Click ‘Boost Post’ on the bottom of your pre-existing post.
  2. Select a goal: Attract more profile visits, more website traffic or more messages. 
  3. Choose an audience: 
  • Manual: Instagram allows you to target specific people, places and interests. 
  • Automatic: Allows Instagram to target people who are like your followers.
  • Local: Allows Instagram to target people in a specific location. 
  1. Set your budget and duration: Instagram will give you an estimate of the expected reach and clicks based on your input. Remember that not every post is worth your budget. Boost the content that has high engagement (including likes, shares and comments). 
  2. Review the parameters and boost your post!

How To Boost A Post On Facebook

  1. Click ‘Boost Post’ on the bottom of your pre-existing post
  2. Select a goal: Automatic, get more messages, get more engagement, get more website visitors, get more leads or get more calls. 
  3. Choose your call-to-action: This is the button that your audience will interact with when viewing your post. For example, book now, learn more, shop now, sign up, call now and send messages. 
  4. Choose an audience:  – –
  • Smart audience: Facebook bases this audience on your page details.
  • People you choose through targeting. 
  • People who like your page. 
  • People who like your page and people similar to them. 
  • People in your local area. 

5. Set your budget and duration: Facebook will give you an estimate of the expected reach and   clicks based on your input. Remember that not every post is worth your budget. Boost the content that has high engagement (including likes, shares and comments)

6. Review the parameters and boost your post!

Why Might Your Facebook Post Not Publish?

  • Facebook will prevent a boost if the graphic has more than 20% text on it. 
  • Your post includes language alluding to personal attributions such as sexual orientation, religion, race, gender and specific groups of people. 
  • Your post makes assumptions such as “In your location…”

Although boosted ads are beneficial in many ways, they are not recommended over the use of Meta ads. Our team of specialists have years of experience in the paid ads world. Reach out to us today to find out more. 

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