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Why Email Marketing Is Still Important?

Many people tend to believe that email marketing is a lost form of marketing. It’s been a common concern for many marketing departments, but is this true? There are many hidden benefits to email marketing, especially with an open rate of 47%.

What if you could build a personal relationship with your customers without contacting them directly? Email marketing can help you accomplish this. Using an email series, you will always have the chance to re-capture an abandoned cart, engage new prospects, or enrol a new subscriber into a monthly newsletter or a series of emails. 

The opportunity to send personalised emails based on what stage of the buying process your customers are in allows you to engage at different levels and different times. For example email series for new prospects, email series for someone who has downloaded content of a certain nature. email series for someone who has purchased a product or service etc

In fact statistics show that 40% of B2B marketers say that email newsletters are one of the most effective forms of marketing success. Emails are a form of communication that many individuals, especially millennials, prefer to other forms of communication, such as SMS. Emails are an extremely popular platform, with business owners, employees and consumers checking their emails daily! This is by far the preferred way for consumers to keep up to date with their favourite brands, their promotions and upcoming products or services. 

There are a few things you should consider when formulating an email marketing strategy if you’re looking for ways to connect with your target audience or define your business niche. Below is a list of 5 points you should consider. 

1. Personalise Your Content

If you’re looking to build customer loyalty through email marketing, then you should personalise and tailor your email marketing campaigns to your target audience. Customisation increases your return on investment, engages your customers more meaningfully, and enables you to be more agile in your email marketing campaigns. The best thing about email marketing is that you can make more than one email campaign. You could create an email series for returning/ loyal customers offering them perks and special offers, as well as another email targeting new potential customers. 

Among the main benefits of email marketing is the ability to tailor content to your audience’s needs. You might include different subject lines or images in your emails to increase engagement. Depending on where you are located or your engagement level, you can create segments to target the right audiences for your business. You need to send the right email to the right people at the right time if you want to have a successful email marketing strategy. Personalisation and segmentation can help with that.

2. Generate Traffic To Your Site

Email marketing is one way that you can improve your SEO, your consumers can be sent to your website which in turn will increase traffic on your site and improve your SEO. This can also keep your target audience consistently engaging with your brand and your webpage, this will work well if you are promoting deals or sales through your emails.  

When creating emails to generate traffic to your webpage, the most important thing to include is a CTA (call to action) This can either be a button, a link or an image to click on that can redirect them to your webpage. This process should be simple and easy for the consumer to use. 

3. Increase Your Business Leads With Inbound Marketing

Another benefit of email marketing is the increase of leads, this can be used with an inbound email method. Inbound marketing can help reach customers that are already interested in your product or service. Targeting the right audience and preventing emails from going into spam or junk mail. 

In order for inbound emails to be successful, your content needs to be strong and engaging. Inbound marketing is all about meeting your audience where they are. For example, by making a special that can benefit your customer – such as a ‘buy two for one’ offer or using personalised discount codes. This will not only make them feel like you are directly targeting them but also finding a way to make them feel appreciated for being loyal to your business. And in turn your business benefits from the increase in website visitors and leads.

4. A Cost-Effective Campaign

Direct marketing and print campaigns can be quite costly and budget-consuming. The cost of email marketing campaigns is usually lower because all you need to do is write the email, place the graphics, and you can even do it yourself. 

Sending email campaigns is painless and quick. They can be created in one day, which is much more cost-effective than sending print or direct mail. In spite of time and budgets, email marketing campaigns are a very efficient way to generate revenue and leads.

5. Giving Value To Your Target Audience

A main goal of every business is to provide value for your audience so that they keep coming back and spreading positive word of mouth about your offering. Email marketing is the best way to ensure this, because it creates loyal customers by adding value even when customers aren’t making a purchase. Customers can subscribe to your monthly or weekly newsletters. The more value you add the more people will pay attention to you and your business. 

Email marketing can be used to reach your audience and find new ways not only to add value to their lives but also to your business. You can create a personal relationship with your customers, give them insightful information that not everyone can access, and this will make them feel special. Plus, it can  improve sales and leads and it is a place where people receive information almost daily, so why not add your emails to it ?


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