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Ten Reasons Why Google Advertising Is A Good Business Investment

Have you considered using Google ads but you are not sure how to justify your decision to your all-important stakeholders? Nearly 65% of all small and mid-sized companies are using Google Ads to build their brands, increasing brand awareness, website traffic and e-commerce purchases.

There are many reasons why investing in Google Advertising makes business sense. Here are ten benefits to consider.

1. Google has a massive reach

Google is a global organisation that handles over 2 trillion searches per year. So much so that the modern definition of searching for something online is “to Google it”. If your target audience is online, they are using Google.

2. Google has advanced targeting capabilities

With Google there is something for every business and every prospect at each stage of the buyer’s journey. With Google constantly improving their algorithms and the ability that Google gives you to target specific keywords (words and phrases the consumer searches) your business can target quality leads at specific points of the sales funnel. Ensuring that each search is one of relevance, aimed at a target audience with the intent to purchase.

3. Maintain full control of your campaign

In the past, you would have to jump through red tape and middlemen to advertise to the mass market.  This process was both time-consuming and costly.  Google Advertising allows you to start, stop or adjust a campaign instantly while still reaching your desired audience.

4. Bring any budget to the table

Gone are the inefficient and costly days of buying and hoarding advertising space and hoping that a potential customer would see these marketing efforts. Google Advertising’s bidding system allows you to set a maximum budget and will only charge you per click. This charge is just one cent higher than your nearest competitor’s bid giving you lower advertising costs that are result driven.

5. See your results in an easy-to-understand format

You cannot improve if you do not measure, and you cannot measure if you do not have data. Google Advertising seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics, allowing you to track and measure a customer’s entire journey with you. This empowers you to understand and optimise your interaction with customers – from why they come to your website to when they may have left and how long they were on your website for.

6. Get quicker results compared to Search Engine Optimisation

While Search Engine Optimisation is still the backbone of all websites, a fully optimised Google Search Advertising campaign can instantly get your website to the coveted first spot on a Google Search Page.  Google Advertising is becoming increasingly more important as many search results will only reflect paid advertisements above the fold.

7. Build brand awareness

Google Advertising is an efficient way to tell consumers about your brand. In a recent study done by Google and global market research company IPSOS, it was discovered that search ads lift top of mind brand awareness by an average of 6.6%.  This brand awareness also feeds back into your SEO, as your rank is positively affected by the number of brand name searches and its variations.

8. Earn more conversions:

There is evidence to suggest that paid traffic conversions are double the organic traffic conversions. If you marry your advertisements with a well-designed landing page, your target audience is sure to spend more on their purchase.  

9. Maximise your Return On Investment (ROI)

Google’s ability to target your customer, ensure that your budget is spent on high intent customers. Google’s bidding strategies also enable you to align your charging method with your primary objective. Cost Per Click bidding is perfect for driving web traffic while Cost Per Acquisition drives for conversions.

10. Leverage audience intent

On other platforms, such as social media and traditional media (TV etc.), users are looking to be entertained. On these platforms advertising is seen as a disruption whereas, on Google, users are actively searching for something. Often this makes your advertisement a solution to their problems and not an interruption.

The bottom line is –  Google is perfect for all types of businesses. Remember that you need a well-defined campaign strategy before you engage with Google Advertising, and a specialist agency can ensure that you get the best results for your brand and your budget.  Our experts are ready to journey with you to Google Advertising success. Contact us for more information.


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